Farmhouse Tables: How to Choose a Base.

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What Type of Bases Can a Farmhouse Tables Have?

Well there are two main types of table bases, legs and pedestals or trestles. 

Below we will discuss the differences and benefits of each style to help you make an informed decision when buying a farmhouse table. Both base styles are wonderful, but we thought we would explore the option to give you a clearer picture.

Farmhouse Tables with Legs

  Legs are pretty common — everyone knows a table with a nice set of legs. These legs can be straightforward or decorative, but are the most common table base. For farmhouse tables, decorative legs (with feet or fancy scrolls) are rare, since a farmhouse table is characterized by simplicity, but there are still a variety of simple leg styles from which to choose. Amoung the most popular leg styles are the tapered leg and the turned leg. A farmhouse table with legs is the most stable form of table there is, because the weight of the top is distributed evenly to the four corners.

  Aprons were added to tables originally to hold the legs on a table, and they still perform this necessary task. Almost all tables with legs come with aprons. Some table makers add embellishments to aprons to make them look classier. A beaded apron was thought at one time to be more modern and presentable. 

Farmhouse Harvest Table a country farmhouse style table
Farmhouse Harvest Table
Farmhouse Pedestal and Trestle Tables

Pedestal and trestle tables are characterized in their heftiness. One of the benefits of a pedestal or trestle table is the ability to fit more people around the table, since the legs don’t get in the way of an additional person pulling up a chair at the corners. 


Trestles have flat ends and a stretcher between them, to help stabilize the table. The trestle table is one of the earliest forms of a table. Early trestle tables were nothing more the a board place across two piles of crates or boxes. As time went on the ends became more elaborate and the stretcher was added for stability. A trestle table looks more primitive and typically does not have an apron, so it tends to look more utilitarian.

Country Farmhouse X Trestle Table
Country Farmhouse X Trestle Table



Pedestal bases are most commonly seen as single pedestals on smaller tables that are square or round, but larger farmhouse tables with two pedestal bases are also available. One of the drawbacks of single pedestal tables is that the larger they are the more rocking will occur. Rocking is caused when someone leans on the edge of a pedestal table the top rocks down in their direction. The more substantial the pedestal and the beefier the legs the less rocking there will be.

Country Farmhouse Round Pedestal Table
Country Farmhouse Round Pedestal Table


One of the most popular of the pedestal farmhouse tables today, is the double pedestal trestle table. Beautifully defined by a pedestal at each end held together by a stretcher, because there are two points to hold the weight of the table these tables have much less rock than single pedestal tables.  We hope this helps you pick the base you want when buying a farmhouse table.

Exeter Old Pine Farm Table: A wonderful reclaimed old pine farmhouse table.
Exeter Old Pine Farm Table